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At griddig, our goal is to bring transparency and clarity to all office leasing transactions by providing a framework of Tools to help you analyze your space needs, compare listings and negotiate deals effectively.

Manage Your Team


The foundation of a successful office leasing project is a reliable Team of experts who will work with you every step of the way — from early planning and strategy through space search, comparison and Letter of Intent negotiation.


Need help finding a broker, architect or other Team member? Check out our Find Team Members tool for reviews and insights on griddig members who have successfully helped others find and list space.

Start your griddig project by selecting your central Team members — broker, architect, general contractor, real estate lawyer, and more — today.

Calculate Your Space Needs

Calculate Your Space Needs

How much space do you really need? Our space calculator is prepopulated with often overlooked components of many office space layouts, such as supply and copy areas, closets, server rooms and file areas, with sample measurements and space configurations to help you get a real-world view of your total space requirement before you search for office space.

Our calculations also cover internal circulation and average building load factors — your projected share of a building’s common areas — which are included in your rent and will affect your bottom line.

Get started by calculating how much space you need.

Search for Space

Search for Space

Our comprehensive space search tool helps you quickly find the listings that meet all of your office space needs.

Listing Detail

Every listing includes asking rental rates, space photos, floorplans, rentable square footage measurements, space and view descriptions. Access the related Building homepage for additional details provided by the Landlord, including building technology and security information, LEED and life-safety details and more.

Our goal: to save you time and make it easy for you to compare the listings and buildings you’re most interested in.

Search for Office Space now.

Saved Listings & Searches**

Saved Listings & Searches

When you save your search in griddig, you can monitor the results of your specific search filters over time and get notifications when new listings meet your criteria. Save listings to bookmark them and keep their data at hand for use in our Tour, Compare and Letter of Intent tools.

Tour Office Spaces**

Tour Office Spaces

When you’re ready to tour your shortlist of Saved Listings, simply add them to our Tour tool to generate a map of your listing locations. Print a Tour Booklet of detailed listing and building information for reference during each tour along with space for notes and sketches.

Compare Your Top Spaces**

Compare Your Top Spaces

Identifying and understanding your total projected occupancy costs for each office space you’re considering is essential for successful, transparent lease negotiations.

Compare Your Top Spaces

Our Compare tool was designed to help you and your Team calculate those costs and compare them across your top spaces at a glance.

Each worksheet is prepopulated with common cost considerations, which you may further tailor to suit your needs. We then calculate and summarize the present-value costs per rentable and usable square foot, the average rent per person, the present-value of each projected transaction, along with the average and total rent so you can quickly compare these values for your top listings side-by-side.

Draft and Execute an LOI**

Draft and Execute an LOI

The Letter of Intent (LOI) is where your office space deal is made.

Draft and Execute an LOI

Based on our over 30 years of experience in the industry, we’ve developed an LOI template that covers each business issue in detail to ensure that all decision-makers, influencers and Team members have thoroughly addressed and documented all aspects of your proposed transaction. We also provide you with complete flexibility to edit our template to suit your individual needs and address any subtleties of your lease.

Our LOI tool is collaborative. All parties can edit and leave comments as you all work together to complete the document.

Our goal: to bring transparency to the negotiation process for all involved, avoid surprises and broken promises, and lift the quality of leasing transactions throughout the industry.

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