About griddig

griddig’s founder Dan Mihalovich has a dream to share.
Its roots are in “repairing the world.”

After a successful 30 year career in office leasing, (16 years at Cushman & Wakefield, then founded and ran The Space Place, Inc. for 14 years), Mihalovich set out to cure the pains experienced by every person involved in the office leasing process — Tenants, Brokers, Landlords and Service Providers like architects, general contractors and real estate counsel.

In 2012, Dan formed griddig, an online platform for the industry. griddig isn’t just a place to negotiate and close leasing agreements, it’s the quintessential method for every Team to collaborate and efficiently manage their leasing activities to get deals done in record time — with transparency and clarity on every leasing issue.

The frenetic life of building owners and brokers becomes highly organized on griddig, with information at your fingertips for every building, every listing and every tenant-rep assignment.

Much of what griddig offers is free — for everyone. Why? We believe that folks shouldn’t have to pay to

  • list space or find space
  • calculate how much space they need
  • find seasoned professionals
  • access educational articles
  • organize search and listing projects and Teams

And with our paid Premium Tools we give you the power to do even more.

griddig. where office leasing deals happen.

griddig provides an interactive website that allows users to collaboratively facilitate commercial real estate office leasing transactions by providing searchable commercial real estate listings, comprehensive building data, community-driven provider and building reviews, space planning tools, lease and tenant comparison analysis, space tour planning and mapping, educational articles, electronic communications between representatives of the potential parties to the real estate transaction, and real estate document repository, exchange and execution features along with form transaction documents.

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