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Six Steps Toward Controlling the Construction Process
In an earlier publication of “Today’s Facility Manager,” Aarno Nurminen, President of NJ based Nurminen…
Gary Wells, EVP, Principal Gary Wells, EVP, Principal
3 Ratings

How Long Will It Take? - Using the Project Schedule Matrix
One of the most important questions that needs to be asked when a company is planning to relocate their office to a new space is,…
Douglas W. Mehl AIA Douglas W. Mehl AIA
1 Ratings

Seismic Retrofit Requirements and Their Triggers
When a tenant or building owner contemplates making changes or renovations to an existing building, invariably the topic of…
Ned Fennie, Jr. Ned Fennie, Jr.

Topics: Architecture / Space Planning
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A Subtenant's Guide to Subleasing
The sudden and dramatic reversal in the financial condition of many high-tech companies, and the ensuing softening of the local…
 Douglas Van Gessel, Esq. Douglas Van Gessel, Esq.
2 Ratings

What Does Change Look Like?
After almost a decade of steady growth1, the last two years have been perhaps the worst in the last half century for the legal…
Doug Zucker Doug Zucker
1 Ratings

Not a Job for the Faint of Heart The air of leading…
"The challenge is really how to take this very, very talented, high-strung group and mold them into a confident, cohesive…
Maureen Broderick Maureen Broderick
1 Ratings

Client Portfolio Management The five essentials to building…
“If you’re serving the wrong clients, you don’t have a chance for success.”  Bill Hermann,…
Maureen Broderick Maureen Broderick
1 Ratings

Subleasing Issues for Sublandlords and Subtenants
 Helen Sedwick Helen Sedwick
1 Ratings

Negotiating Lease Workout on the Edge of Bankruptcy
NEGOTIATING LEASE WORKOUTS ON THE EDGE OF BANKRUPTCY First the rent comes in a day late and a dollar short. Then come…
 Helen Sedwick Helen Sedwick
1 Ratings

Focusing Your Way To Success
“Focus is the key to a successful marketing program. Trying to be all things to all people is not an effective marketing…
Maureen Broderick Maureen Broderick
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