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Value of TEAM. Who’s YOUR Quarterback?

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Dan Mihalovich

Dan Mihalovich

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Since beginning of my career in tenant representative in San Francisco in 1982, my philosophy remains unchanged: surround our clients with experts and aggressively lead the Team through a thoughtful, well-managed process - whether to accomplish a renewal or relocation transaction.

Our experience is extremely deep and broad, having represented virtually every kind and size of tenant in the City. We are never surprised by what we find inside the organizations of the clients we represent. They are, after all, of the most sophisticated of professional and other types of firms. We have represented over three dozen law firms in leasing negotiations—lawyers whom the rest of the tenant community look up to for overseeing business and litigation matters. We represent those lawyers and other professionals from whom you expect perfection, honesty and integrity. Yet we still find a lot of confusion, mismanagement, struggles amongst partners, Management vs. User Group disagreements, and reluctance to take enough time to carefully assemble and fully charge THE most qualified Team to take the reins of the office leasing project.

Our job, among many others, is one of diplomacy and consensus-building. As Broker, we must answer EVERY question of EVERY partner or decision-maker or influencer within our client’s organization…and ensure that all parties are armed with the facts to proceed on our strategy and course of action. Our extensive collection of letters of recommendation speak to this level of organization, quality of negotiations and advocacy on behalf of our clients.

Broker. Architect. General Contractor. Real Estate Lawyer. This Team will make your day. The appropriate Team will organize your entire process and absorb most of the time-consuming tasks required, so you can do what you do best: your day-job. Your Broker (Mihalovich Partners, for example) should lead the Team, from the outset of the project through move-in. Yes, through move-in. We will explain, in gory detail, the importance of Team and make specific recommendations for your consideration. Our list of recommended service providers (architects, contractors, real estate lawyers, accountants, movers, IT consultants, etc.) is published on our website for your ease of reference. In fact, for the minority of professionals who still have time to read, Mihalovich Partners makes it easy to study up on tenant-related issues, including numerous purely educational articles, all on our website.

In selecting Team members, our philosophy is consistently applied across trades: Don’t volunteer to do the work required by our client unless (a) you’re the best at what you do; (b) you have no potential conflicts of interest in working with our client; and (c) you will devote your personal time to this project. Principals only. No “bait and switch”. Don’t bring “marketing” people to our meetings. We never recommend large companies as service providers—but you’ll notice that we have relationships, formed over 24 years of working experience in many cases, with individuals within those large companies whom we do highly recommend for your consideration.

“Loyalty” is a commodity in limited supply, these days. Anyone in the service business knows how difficult it is to earn a client’s complete trust—but it is exactly that level of total confidence in the Team that brings about the “win” in implementing the overall strategy and negotiation for concessions for YOU. Your Team will invest a tremendous amount of time, energy and money in getting to know you, our Tenant-client; to understand your objectives; to appreciate your financial goals in the office leasing project; and to going out of their way to achieve those goals.

Mihalovich Partners will make sure that the Team stays on target and that each Team member delivers on its promises. If your office leasing requirement is critical to you (as always), you deserve to be represented by the best of the best—in every category of service provider. Begin with the Quarterback. Build the Team from there.

About the Author

Dan Mihalovich

Mihalovich Partners, a San Francisco based commercial tenant-representation firm, was formed in 1998 by Dan Mihalovich, then a 16-year Industry veteran and Director of Office Leasing at Cushman & Wakefield. Mihalovich brings to the firm 35 years of business experience, focusing on Market Analysis, Negotiation Skills and Project Management expertise. He has managed over 200 office-leasing and project management assignments for many of San Francisco's most prestigious tenants. His career, and the focus of Mihalovich Partners, is solely driven to advocate the interests of San Francisco tenants in leasing negotiations of all types—renewals, relocations, renegotiations, and terminations. Mihalovich Partners never represents landlords, avoiding conflicts of interest, unlike most firms in the leasing brokerage business.

See 40 letters of recommendation: http://thespaceplace.net/clients/index.php
Learn more about Mihalovich Partners at www.TheSpacePlace.net.

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